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Sin City offers a wide variety of entertainment options. It may often surprise the new visitor how much there is to do outside of the casino scene. Even animal lovers will be delighted. Parents will enjoy a  myriad of activities designed with children in mind. On this website we highlight all of the popular attractions.

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oCirque du Soleil O at Bellagio 

As everyone knows, Las Vegas has plenty to offer aside from gambling.

Anyone who visits should stop gambling/drinking/partying for 2 hours to take in one of the amazing Cirque du Soleil shows.  It is largely known that the show “O” at the Bellagio is the absolute best Cirque offering (although they are all pretty incredible).  I have seen all of the Cirque shows and not only do I agree that this is the best Cirque show, I also think that it’s the absolute best show in Las Vegas (Carrot Top is funnier though).

The custom main stage is a massive pool where they create a magical experience for the viewers.  There are floating horses (on the water and in the air), mermaids, amazing diving feats, contortionists and many, many more amazing Cirque sights in the water, on ground and in the air.

Close seating is definitely recommended for this show but you do not need to be in the first 10 rows to get an amazing view.

Buy your tickets in advance so that you don’t miss this spectacular show as you cannot usually get good tickets last minute for this show.

I personally, thought O was mind-blowing to say the least.  When I walked out of the theatre I felt mesmerized by the performance I had just seen and wondered how they accomplished such an amazing feat.  Although all of it was great, the divers were particularly incredible, they dove from very high heights into a very, very small section of the pool/stage.  This show causes a sensory overload in all the best ways.

There is a large store inside the Bellagio near the entrance and exit that sells some pretty nifty memorabilia of the show.

Before or after the show is a good opportunity to check out one of the great restaurants in the Bellagio and also to see the fountains which show every 30 minutes until 7pm and every 15 minutes until 12am.  Maybe see the fountains before the main event as they will not seem as amazing right after seeing Cirque O.


This carrot will rock your world.Carrot Top 
If you love shows there is no where better to be in the world than Las Vegas. One show that consistently has high rankings on Trip Advisor is none other than Carrot Top.

I had the pleasure of seeing Carrot Top on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno years ago. He was quite simply hilarious with his props. I also kept hearing from close friends that this was the show that I absolutely had to see.

Can you imagine my surprise when my girlfriend gave me two front row seat tickets to see the one and only comedian that literally looks like a carrot?

I was overjoyed but part of me was thinking he can’t possibly be as good as the reviews claim. I am happy to announce I was wrong.

Last week I saw him perform live for the first time. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to claim that everyone in the audience was laughing non stop. I personally had not laughed so hard in years, it was from the first introduction to the last minute non-stop laughter.

For some reason I cannot remember the name of the opening comedian, but he was also quite impressive… of course Carrot Top stole the show as soon as he entered the stage. He made jokes about everything from the shape of the Luxor, to the state of the room he had to sleep in, and of course he ranted about airplanes. The props were of course quite funny to see live. The best part is how fast he zips back and forth from prop to joke to prop, it’s like a hyperactive child who cannot stop himself from being crazy for the sake of the audience.

Overall this is a show that I would recommend to everyone. If you are going to see one comedic act, make it this one. I am personally looking forward to returning to the Luxor for this reason alone.



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