Las Vegas Attractions

Entertainment in Las Vegas


lunge into the glamour and flash that is found exclusively in Las Vegas, known to be “the world's entertainment capital.”

Follow the link above to see a detailed list of some of the most popular restaurants in Las Vegas. Most offer exquisite architecture, celebrity chefs, and some of the best live performances in Vegas.

From David Copperfields’ award winning magical acts to getting up close with Siegfried and Roys’ regal lions and tigers, the shows in Las Vegas are the best performances throughout the United States and draw millions of visitors each year.

If you find the thrill of endless gaming entertaining, then Las Vegas won’t disappoint. Las Vegas is legendary for its crowds of gamblers placing their bets, losing, and conceivably there are some that get a large dose of luck and win big. From tables, roulette, slot machines to sports betting there are never-ending gaming options in Las Vegas. Don’t let yourself be convinced to thinking Las Vegas is strictly gambling and cabaret shows. “Sin City” has also developed a reputation that goes beyond sex and gambling. Top comedy, theatre and musical performances are as popular and exciting as the gambling and cabaret shows. Visitors to Las Vegas will be missing so much if they are expecting only the ‘sin’ of the city. There is no place on earth as entertaining as Las Vegas.

Kevin James at the Mirage is probably well-recognizable from his hit CBS comedy series “The King of Queens” where he plays the lead role as Doug Heffernan. On stage when doing his stand up routine Kevin James is known to be self critical and his interpretation of every day life is created from an truly comical point of view.

                                                           The Las Vegas Strip

In the center of Las Vegas is the ever popular Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard). Popular hotels, an assortment of famous restaurants and the most famous nightclubs in the nation, the Strip has something to offer to everyone. Casinos are also located in hotels and restaurants as well as some other stand alone casinos. Most visitors come to Las Vegas with a dream of winning the odds in casinos. May luck be your lady!

Whatever you consider to be entertaining, in Las Vegas you are certain to win the entertainment of a lifetime.




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